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    includes the places of Kannur, Kozhikode, Kasaragode, Wayanad etc. In keeping its army previous, the place includes many properties. There are mainly five place properties in and around the Region-the St. Angelo's Citadel, Thalassery Citadel, the Bekal Citadel,Chandragiri Citadel and the Hosdurg Citadel. This content is the first of the succession and will look for the St. Angelo's Citadel or the Kannur Kotta (Kotta in Malayalam indicates Fort). St. Angelo's Citadel (also known as Kannur Citadel or Kannur Kota), is a citadel your Arabian Sea, situated 3 km from the place of Kannur. Kannur in organic & amazing situation of Kerala in Local local indian local. It has always been a government nerve middle. This characteristic of the place is managed even today-it is still the hotbed of local situation recommendations. Considering its connect to the lucrative cheer organization, it was also the playground of colonialists like the East, Nederlander & English. As is well known, framework can convey many perceptions such as that of durability. The properties were mainly designed to go spices or natural herbs or natural herbs and other stuff for organization, provide safety to colonial authorities and also at times a jail for government detainees. The properties mainly conveyed to an place inhabitants a sense of its occupant's invincibility. Their importance is such that they are imprinted in the thoughts of people. History St. Angelo's Citadel arose in Fat Extinguisher505 by Dom Francisco de Almeida, the first East Viceroy of Local local indian